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Walkin' To New Orleans chords - Gurf Morlix

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                Walkin' To New Orleans
Written & Recorded by Gurf Morlix

(No Capo)

Intro.:  (Em) x 4 bars

Goin against the (Em)grain, I'm walkin' all alone into a hurricane, only way to get home
No gettin' a-(Am)round it, I made up my (Em)mind, I'm movin' on (Am)faith, I'm travelin' (B)blind

I'm walkin' to (Em)New Orleans, walkin' to New Orleans
I'm walkin' to New Orleans, on judgement day

Put my head (Em)down, plow into the wind, it's a whole lotta miles to the city of sin
I might not (Am)make it, I know that's (Em) true, but I don't (Am)know, nothin' else to (B)do

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  (Em) x 4 bars

Friends tried to (Em)tell me, that I was gonna die, cops tried to stop me, but I blew right on by
'Cuz the ones I (Am)love, are waitin' there for (Em)me and with-(Am)out them, what would my life (B)be

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  ||(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) ||
        ||(Am) |(Am) |(Em) |(Em) |(Am) |(Am) |(B) |(B) ||
        ||(Em) |(Em) |(Em) |(Em)

Now I can't (Em)think, I can only feel, time's stopped movin', this don't seem real
If I don't (Am)get there, I'll die (Em) tryin' and I'll haunt this (Am)highway, til the end of (Em)time

Repeat Chorus

On judgement (Em)day, |(Em) judgement |(Em)day |(Em) |(Em) |(Em) (Em6) -----

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