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Moon Is High chords by Nashville Cast

Nashville Cast Chords

The moon is high
Its not the only one
Im alone and Im traveling
So shine a light on me
Down through my balcony
Youll send me spinning
Or youll find me howling

Eb                   Cm
Im under your window
My shades are drawn tight
Eb                  Cm
Hes up there with you
Hes been up here all night
   Eb            Cm              Gm                  Bb
Do you favor a man when he breaks down and begs
Cm                                           F
Or a boy with his tail dragging between his legs
  Eb          Cm    Gm
I feel vicious inside
            Eb          G
and the moon is high

(for the small instrumental its chords Cm and Gm)

Now the sky’s full of rain
And im starting to weigh
And I want to tear a strip from the fundament
I dream your near
Whispering endearments
Cm                                                                    F
If I could take that full moon and make it more permanent

Eb  F           Cm
Im close to your window
are you tired of it now
Eb                  Cm
is your light in the gutter
Cm          Bb
and done all you've allowed
   Eb            Cm                     Gm                      Bb
Do you favor a man when he breaks down and pleads
Cm                                           F
Or a boy with his tail dragging wherever you leave
        Eb     Cm  Gm
Now Im in full cry
             Eb    Cm Gm
And the moon is high

Now Im in full cry
And I want to tear the strip from your firmament
Howling for your love
Im howling for your love

Im howling for your love

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