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A Horse Called Music chords - Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson Sheet music
D  G  D  A7  D

D                               G       D
High on a mountain on Western Montana 
D                                A7… ..D
A silowet moves cross a cinnamon sky 
D                                     G
Riding along on a horse he calls music
With a song on his lips
A7                               … …D
And a tear in his eye
He dreams of a time
And a lady who loved him
And how he would sing her
 D                      A7
Sweet lullabies
But we don’t ever ask him
G                         D
And he never talks about her
I guess it’s just better 
A7                  D
That we all let it slide 
G                         D
And he sings ohhhh to the lady’s 
G                       D 
And ohhhh he makes them sigh
Then he rides away 
G                   D
On a horse he calls music
The pain in his heart 
A7                D
And a tear in his eye

(Solo) D   G  D  A7  D
Now he wrote the music
G              D
From Boston to Bozmon
Not to much money
D               A7
And way to much ride
But those were the days
G                      D
When a horse he called music
The jump through the moon
A7                   D
And Flied across the sky
Now all that’s left
G                   D
Is an old time worn cowboy
With only his dreams
D                     A7
Of the days gone gone by
And trailin behind
G                   D
Is a horse with no rider
A horse he calls memories
A7               D
That she used to ride
D                 G
But he sang ohhhh
To the ladies 
D      G                          D
And ohhhh he damn near made some fall right down and die
And he’d ride away
        G             D
On a horse he called music
The pain in his heart
A7                       D
And a tear in his eye
D           G       D                             
High on a mountain in Western Montana
D                                  A7… ..D
Two crosses cut through a cinnamon sky
Markin the place were 
G                 D
A horse he called music
Lays with a cowboy
A7            D
There by his side

D   G  D  A7  D

Willie Nelson ChordsWillie Nelson Lyrics

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