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Forgiving You Was Easy chords

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Forgiving you was easy but forgetting
Seems to take the longest time
I just keep thinking
And your memory is forever on my mind

You know I'll always love you
And I can't forget the days when you were mine
Forgiving you is easy
But forgetting seems to take the longest time

The bitter fruit of anger growing
Growing from the seeds of jealousy
Oh what a heartache but I forgive
The things you said to me Cause I believe forgiving F Is the only way that I'll find peace of mind G7 And forgiving you is easy C But forgetting seems to take the longest time The years have passed so quickly as once again F Fate steals a young man's dreams G7 Of all the golden years C And growing old together you and me You asked me to forgive you F You said there was another on your mind G7 Forgiving you is easy C But forgetting seems to take the longest time G7 Forgiving you is easy C But forgetting seems to take the longest time

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