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Man With A Memory chords - Joe Nichols

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Joe Nichols Sheet music
Man With A Memory - Joe Nichols
Writers: Charlie Black/Rory Michael Bourke

Intro: D  G  D  G

G             D     A        D
Ol' Johnny's got a heart of gold
G      D           A
Ask anyone around here
    G               D        A    D
But some nights his eyes are far away
     G    D/F#   G
And filled with tears
G          D             A            D
Sweet Mary Lou's just as good as they come
       G            D             A
With a weakness for all the wrong men
G         D           A       D
From the look on her face tonight
            G   D/F# G
She's been wrong a---gain
G                    A
Bartender's thinkin' to himself
      G                       A
As he rubs his towel around a glass

              G         D      A  Bm
Now thereas a man with a memory
          A            G   D/F#  G
There's a woman with a past
     G               D      A  Bm
Lost souls on life's highway
   A            G   D/F#  G
Forever lookin' back
            G               D   A  Bm
When you're livin' for the love
        A            G   D/F#  G
And the love doesn't last
          G          D
You get a man with a memory
  A            G
A woman with a past

G           D       A    D
Bartender turns the TV down
G                D      A
Cranks that ol' jukebox up
G            D           A          D
Carefully selects which buttons to push
         G    D/F#  G
For what each song does
G          D         A       D
C twenty-three after J nineteen
       G           D       A
It's a tonic for a broken heart
G          D      A       D
A little Stardust in the mix
       G    D/F#  G
It's a fine, fine art
G                 A
Dim the lights a notch or two
G                         A
The next round is on the house

Chorus 2:
For the man with a memory
And the woman with a past
Lost souls on life's highway
Forever lookin' back
When you're livin' for the love
And the love doesn't last
You get a man with a memory
A woman with a past

Bm        A                  G           D/F#   Em
Oh, we've all got somethin' we've got to get around
D/F#             G                                    A   Bm  D/F#  G
Now and then you get the chance to help the lost get found

A  Bm  G  A

G                    A
Stackin' chairs and sweepin' up
G                       A
He can't help a little smile

Chorus 3:
Thinkin' bout the man with a memory
And the woman with a past
Lost souls on life's highway
Forever lookin' back
When you're livin' for the love
And the love doesn't last
You get a man with a memory
A woman with a past

          G          D
You get a man with a memory
  A            G
A woman with a past

Joe Nichols ChordsJoe Nichols Lyrics

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