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I Shouldn't Do This chords - Jon Randall

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                I Shouldnt Do This 
By Jon Randall
rmofle at

Very beautiful song! Check out John Randall’s music!!

A           Dsus2     Dsus2/F#
I shouldn't do this
        G                     A
Was the last thing I heard me say
              Ddus2         Dsus2/F#
When I bought her champagne
    G              A
And hid my wedding ring
    Dsus2         D/F# 
One drink led to another
     G      G/F# Em
And another to a kiss
           Dsus2 A               D
And I told myself I shouldn't do this

I shouldn't do this
Was the last thing I heard me say
When I gave her a ride
'Cause she'd had too much to drink
She gave herself so freely
I could not resist
And I told myself I shouldn't do this

      A         G     Dsus2  
How I wish that I had listened
        A      G       Dsus2
To that little voice inside
           A     G         Dsus2
Say you're gonna lose your woman,
    G                  A
Man have you lost your mind
         Dsus2             Dsus2/F#
And that hold got a little deeper
       G         G/F#   Em
As the lies fell off my lips
           Dsus2 A            D
And I told myself I shouldn't do this

I shouldn't do this
Was the last thing I heard me say
When I rolled through the front door
Coming home way too late
Well, I stumbled through excuses
But the truth is hard to twist
And I told myself I shouldn't do this


I shouldn't do this
was the last thing I heard me say

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