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Lonely For Awhile chords - Jon Randall

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                Lonely For Awhile
written by Randall/Nicholson


INTRO: G     D  A  G    D  A  G

D                 A        D        A                G
They say the only cure for losin' a woman is another woman
        D                  A
But I'm not so sure that's true
D            A             D        A                            G
Anyone could look in these eyes and know, I've got a long way to go
  D             A
Before I'm over you
The only thing that's gonna help is a little time to myself

D                 G      D    A
I just need to be lonely for awhile
D                G        D        A
Take the time to dig down deep and find an honest smile
Bm            A              G            Gm
I don't wanna try to pretend I'm ready to love again
D                 A      D     G
I just need to be lonely for awhile
D                 A      G     D
I just need to be lonely for awhile

BREAK: D  A  G    D  A  G

D            A          D       A                    G
Friends keep settin' me up with friends, but another friend
      D                 A
Ain't what I need right now
D               A       D       A                        G
I need to start lookin' back inside, and try to find the pride
  D                    A
I lost when you walked out
I gotta learn to love myself before I can love anyone else



Bm                   A           G                 Gm
I just need a little time to cry and find a way to say goodbye
D                 A      D     G
I just need to be lonely for awhile
D                 A      D     G
I just need to be lonely for awhile
D                 A      G     D     A  G   D  A  G
I just need to be lonely for awhile
Lonely for awhile

OUTRO: D  A  G  (repeat and fade)

CHORDS without capo:

D  = E
A  = B
G  = A
Gm = Am
Bm = C#m 

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