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The Heartbreak Kind chords - Jon Randall

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Jon Randall       The Heartbreak Kind    written by Paul Kennerly
                                                    Marty Stuart
You're lying all alone at night
Bb            Eb                  F
Listen to the rain that's falling down

You're calling out your baby's name
Bb     Eb             F
Ah but she just ain't around
Sleep don't come at all
Bb        Bbsus           F
You can't ease a troubled mind
Yea they call it love
Bb              C          F
Ah but it's the heartbreak kind
Rumors whispered low
Bb           Eb              F
There's been talk around the town
The phone don't ring no more
Bb      Eb                  F
Friends they say don't come around
Suspicion running high
Bb                 Bbsus        F
But she says everything is just fine
She tells you that it's love
Bb              C          F
Ah but it's the heartbreak kind


There's darkness all around
Bb     Eb                F
As the evening shadows fall
Time keeps draggin by
Bb            Eb              F
But she ain't coming home at all
You tell yourself she still cares
Bb         Bbsus              F
But pretty soon you're gonna find
You thought it was a lasting love
Bb              C          F
Ah but it's the heartbreak kind
You thought it was a lasting love
Bb          C          F
Ah but it's heartbreak kind

From Jon Randall "Cold Coffee Morning"
Elektra/Asylum Records 1999
Irving Music/Little March Music/Songs Of PolyGrm Intl(BMI)

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