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Prayin For Daylight chords by Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts Chords

Intro:  G c Am D    G c Am D

 G             c                    Am
I've got the lights turned up, the door is locked
     D           G    c Am D
The bedroom tv's on
 G          c              Am
Doin' the only thing that gets me through
     D                       G    c Am D
The night since you've been gone

 D           G
Prayin' for daylight
        Am                c    D
Waitin' for that mornin' sun
         G                  Am               c      D
So I can act like my whole life ain't goin' wrong
Baby come back to me
   Am                 c
I swear I'll make it right
       c                            D
Don't make me spend another lonely night
              G        c    Am            D
Prayin' for daylight      (prayin' for daylight)

G        c             Am
I made a bad miscalculation, bettin'
 D                G      c    Am   D
You would never leave    (Ooooh)
   G             c              Am
'Cause if your gettin' on with your new life
       D                   G    c  Am  D
Then where does that leave me

Repeat Chorus

Prayin' for daylight
  D            c                                          D
Hopin' that I didn't waite too long (I didn't waite too long)
 B                    c               D        n.c
But this is just the dark before the dawn......Oh

 G           c                Am   
Deep in my heart I know that you love me
    D              G     c   Am     D
As much as I love you  (You know I love you girl)
 G            c              Am
And that you must be lyin' somewhere
        D             G   c   Am   D
Lookin' up to heaven too

Repeat Chorus 2X

 G                            c
(I don't wanna spend another lonely night)
 Am                           D
(I don't wanna spend another lonely night)    G
                                 Prayin' for daylight
                              c             Am  D
(I don't wanna spend another lonely night)  Ooooh
Prayin' for daylight

Rascal Flatts ChordsRascal Flatts Lyrics

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