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The Pole Song chords - Chase Rice

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Chase Rice Sheet music
Capo 5


            G                      C                    G
Since the beginning of time, girls just ain't got their guys
C                     G                       C                 D
they've been known to place the blame on that thing between our thighs
     G                           C                  G     D        C
they searched our hearts, looked in our eyes, gonna sneak past our souls
       C                      G                      D               G
but it ain't that hard girls, truth be told, its all how we hold our pole

               G                       C                G
you can tell a lot about a man, by the way he holds his pole
        C                     G 
does he hold it high, does he hold it low,
        C                D
does he crank it fast or slow
                G                    C 
girls you wanna know your man, hey I understand
          G         D       C
just head down to a fishing hole
                     C           G          D                G
cause you can tell a lot about a man by the way he holds his pole


G                               C               G        
Billy Joe yea he's been know to hold his all is life
    C                G              C                 D
and tractor Ty's the kind of guy to hide his from his wife
     C             G                  C           D 
and I caught Brian peekin' at mine on day when we trolled
   C                G                          C         D       G
as I was reelin' he gotten the feelin' that he wanted to hold my pole


    C               G              C                        D
Yea you know if its cold outside I ain't gonna be out there holdin' mine
    C              G                     C            D
my ole' rod may be past its prime but my baby says it works just fine

(Chorus x2)

to play it w/o capo use these subs.

G - C
C - F
D - G 

Chase Rice ChordsChase Rice Lyrics

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