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You Ain't Livin' Yet chords - Chase Rice

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Chase Rice Sheet music
(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(G)(D)|(A) / (A/G)(A)|(G)(D)|(A)

He said, "(G)Boy you ever been out-(D)side of this town, ever (A)thought about (Bm)gettin' out
To the (G)west coast, or down to (D)Mexico?" I said, "(A)No"
(G)I just stood there (D)pumpin' his gas while he (A)rambled on somethin' 'bout (Bm)Paris, France
And the (G)Northern Lights and how they (D)dance at night and how I'm (A)missin' out on life
He said, "You ain't (G)livin' yet," yeah that's when I (A)said

"If you've never (G)snuck a kiss in a (A)hayloft, drove your (G)pickup truck with your (A)shirt off
Or let the (G)rooster crow be you're a-(A)larm clock, then (Bm)you ain't (A)livin' yet (G)
You've never thrown a (G)line out from a (A)giant boat, got a little (G)sideways on a (A)dirt road
A little (G)choked up on a (A)Marlboro, then (Bm)you ain't (A)livin' yet, (G) nah, you ain't (A)livin' yet"

I (G)popped the hood on his (D)Cadillac, and (A)checked the oil while (Bm)he just laughed
And said, "You're (G)right, I've never (D)tried anything like (A)that before"
And I said, (G) "I can tell by the (D)Mardi Gras beads, and the (A)stack of road maps in (Bm)your back seat
You've been (G)everywhere, but man I (D)swear, this place is (A)different than anywhere"
I told him, "You ain't (G)livin' yet, now (A)tell me this

You ever put a (G)buckshot through a (A)stop sign, felt the (G)burn from your first sip of (A)moonshine?
Revved your (G)engine up at a (A)red light, then (Bm)you ain't (A)livin' yet (G)
You ever thrown your (G)voice out at a (A)tractor pull, seen a (G)hot girl ride a me-(A)chanical bull?
Poured your (G)heart out on a bar stool? then you ain't livin' yet"

He said, "(A)Son, you've got me thinkin', thinkin' I (G)might just stick around
By the (A)way you talk, there's a world I've never (G)seen inside of this town
Should let me take a (A)look around ---

And trade this (G)Cadillac for a (A)step side, grab an (G)RC Cola and (A)Moonpie
And just (G)soak up this (A)country life, 'cause (Bm)I ain't (A)livin' yet (G)
You're right man when you (A)said that you ain't livin' yet |(G)(D)|(A)

'Cause I ain't livin' yet, |(G)(D)|(A) yeah, you ain't livin' yet |(G)(D)|(A) |(A) -----

Chase Rice ChordsChase Rice Lyrics

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