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All Over Me chords - Charlie Rich

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Charlie Rich Sheet music
Recorded by Charlie Rich
Written by Ben Peters
[3/4 time] 

C                           C7
My lips  brush across  your skin in my mind
As I think how it used to be
C                  Am
And they burn with desire 
      C              Am
I can still feel the fire
     D7                           G7
That your touch always started in me

My heart pounds in my chest 
Where your body was pressed
         F                  D7
Warm and sweet and so tenderly
C                 F      C        F
What's the use to try to get over you
           C       G7       C
I've still got you all over me

  F                           C
I can still feel the touch of soft hands on my skin
    F                               C
And your fingers running through my hair
  F                            C                    Am
I can still feel the arms that said welcome come on in
        D7                        G7
And the pleasures I found waiting there

And I still taste the lips 
That would tremble at night
          F               D7
When we’d drift into ecstasy  
C                 F      C        F
What's the use to try to get over you
           C       G7       C
I've still got you all over me

F          C       G7       F C
I've still got you all over m-e

Charlie Rich ChordsCharlie Rich Lyrics

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