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Most Beautiful Girl chords - Charlie Rich

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By charlie Rich
I like this song.......   Intro-G   Verse
               G                 Dm                                 C
           Hey,did you  happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world
     E7                                          A7      D7
           And if you  did, was she cryin,  cryin-
              G               Dm                                C                      Cm
           Hey if you  happen to see the most beautiful girl that walked out on me...
    Gm                      Gm(maj7),  Gm7                D#maj7     
            Tell her  I'm  sorry,                   tell her I  need my baby  
              D7                                       G
            Oh,  won't you tell her that I love her   Middle  bit
              G                                     C
             I  woke up this morning, realised what I had  done,
                 D                                                    C                                      G
             I  stood alone in the cold grey dawn, thought I'd lost my morning  sun
             I  lost my head and I said some  things,
               C                                                    A7
              Now comes the heartache that the morning  brings,
             I  ask myself why and how it could be(This line probably not correct  lyrics!)
               D7                             C              D
             I  let my love slip aw - ay   from me  so....
Verse      G
         ....Hey did you happen to  see etc.....(repeat whole verse-chords as  before-
               then repeat half verse after "was she cryin,cryin ") 
    Transcribed by BONES.Its not far off but any  comments/corrections welcome     Love you LAURA My "Most Beautiful"

Charlie Rich ChordsCharlie Rich Lyrics

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