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I'll Wake You Up When I Get Home chords - Charlie Rich

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Charlie Rich Sheet music
I'll Wake You Up When I Get Home
Recorded by Charlie Rich

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:   | (G)  | (C) (D) |

I (G)spent the day just missing you re-(C)membering your touch
(D) Counting all the reasons why I (G)love you oh so much
In my (G)thoughts you're always with me, every (C)hour, every (Am)day
And if (D)I could be with you right now here's what I'd love to say (G)

I'll wake you up, (D) when I get (C)home
(Am) I know (D)you won't care what (G)time it is
So very long, (C) (Am) honey, (D)I've got so much (B7)love to give (Em)
You know (Am)our bed is big and (D)lonesome
When you're (B7)sleeping all (Em) alone (D)
I'm (C)your man and you're my (B7)woman
(Em) I'll wake (Am)you up, (D) when I get (G)home (C) (D)

There's a (G)nightlight in the bedroom you (C)left it on so I could see
(D) When I turn the sheets back you'll be (G)waiting there for me
(G) I dream each night when we're apart I'm (C)making love to (Am)you
(D)Now I'll wake you up, and hold you close, and make our dreams come (G)true

I'll wake you (D)up, when I get (C)home
(Am) I know (D)you won't care what (G)time it is
'Cause I've been (D)gone so very (C)long
(Am) Honey, I've (D)got so much love (B7) to give (Em)
You know (Am)our bed is big and (D)lonesome
When you're (B7)sleeping all a-(Em)lone (D)
I'm your (C)man and you're my (B7)woman (Em)
I'll wake you (Am)up, (D) when I get (G)home (D)

Outro.:  | (C) (D) | (G) -----

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