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Bonus Track chords - Rick Moranis

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Rick Moranis CD
Rick Moranis Sheet music
                Bonus Track
written by Rick Moranis


INTRO: C  G  C  G  C  G  Em  D  G

         G             Em         G
Well I'm movin' along, singin' my song
      G                            D
About coal smoke and valve oil and steam
C                        G
Daybreak Express and the Rock Island Line
C                      G
Tennessee Central, the Ol' Number 9
C                       G             Em
Full throttle boxcar, a steel-drivin' man
D                             G
Midnight and I'm doin' what I can

    G                           Em        G
I'm holdin' back tears, I'm one brave engineer
G                        D
Lonesome and lost and in love
C                 G
Atchison, Topeka, Santa Fe
C                      G
Glendale, Poor Valley, mystery train
C                       G           Em
Cold Mountain, Sligo, a tie-walkin' man
D                             G
Midnight and I'm doin' what I can

          Bm                    Em
But these trains always take me away from you
    Bm                     Em
And right away I wanna get back
       Bm                          Em
So I'm leavin' here tonight on the next one that comes
    D                   G
I'm ridin' on the bonus track

  G                        Em                G
I shudder to think I might find that missin' link
     G                          D
That keeps me this tight to the rail
C                           G
Nickel Plate Road, it's the 7-5-9
C                       G
Toe River, Memphis, the end of the line
C                         G          Em
Freedom and friendship, a brakeman's man
D                          G                                 
Midnight, I'm doin' what I can

      Bm                      Em
These trains, they take me to places unknown
  Bm                     Em
A hobo with dreams in my sack
  Bm                    Em
A parallel world that's all my own
    D                   G
I'm ridin' on the bonus track

OUTRO: C  G   C  G  C  G  Em  D  G
       C  G   C  G  C  G  Em  D  G
       D  G   G  G  D  G

CHORDS without capo:

G   = A
Em  = F#m
D   = E
C   = D
Bm  = C#m 

Rick Moranis ChordsRick Moranis Lyrics

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Rick Moranis
Buy Rick Moranis CD

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