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It's The Champagne Talkin' chords - Rick Moranis

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                It's the Champagne Talkin'
written by Rick Moranis
NOTE: There's really not an easy way to play this song, so here are the chords.  Even
      using a conviently-placed capo, you end up playing some awkward chords.


    Bb                  Eb
The city down below us, bridges strung like pearls
    F                            Bb
The glistenin' of your eyes as another year unfurls
Bb        Bb7                 Eb                 Ebm
Here I am sayin' those things that I say now and then
             Bb        F                                 Bb
But it's the champagne talkin', I'll be myself tomorrow again

Bb                   Eb
Another Super Sunday gathering good friends
     F                             Bb
Gals gigglin' in the kitchen, guys gamblin' in the den
Bb           Bb7           Eb                 Ebm
Maybe we oughta do what we should've way back when
             Bb       F                                       Bb
But it's the Bud Lite talkin', I'll be a lightweight tomorrow again

Eb                    Bb
Valentine's, it's was Ballentines
Eb             Bb
Easter, it was ouzo
Eb            Bb       
Beaujolais on Bastille Day
C7         F          F/D#  F/D  F/C
Labor Day, absolute no

Bb                       Eb
I can smell a big Purdue roastin' in the oven
F                              Bb
Givin' special thanks again to you for your good lovin'
Bb               Bb7                 Eb              Ebm
I should know by now that you're the best that I can get
         Bb     F                            Bb
It's the Cognac yakkin', but I may get there yet


B                                       E
Now the Christmas tree is tellin' me to give you what I bought
F#                              B
Time to put the past behind and treasure what we got
   B                       B7                       E                 Em
So let's raise our glasses one more time, yeah they wrapped it at the store
    B        F#                                    B
The eggnog's knockin', this time I'm unlockin' the door

E                   B
Valentine's, it was Ballantine's
E                B
Easter eggs with ouzo
E                     B                G#m
Beaujolais Nouveau on Bastille Day you know
C#7            F#  F#/E F#/D#  F#/C#
Labor Day, absolute...

     The eggnogg's knockin'
     The champagne's talkin'
     This might sound shockin'
     But I'm not walkin'

E                       B
Valentine's, it was was Ballantine's (the eggnogg's knockin')
E              B
Easter, it was ouzo (the champagne's talkin')
E                     B               G#m
Beaujolais Nouveau on Bastile Day you know
C#7         F# F#/E  F#/D#   F#/C#  B
Labor Day, absolutely...............yes

OUTRO (fade): B  E 

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