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Crazy Women chords - LeAnn Rimes

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                (G) Who'd-a guessed that Aquanet
Could start a fire with a single cigarette
She wasn't (C) drunk, she wasn't stoned
Just sick and tired of wonderin' if he was coming home
So she drove (G) around
She found his car
They heard the boom from in the bar
He called the (C) cops
She called his bluff
They hauled her off in high heels and handcuffs

(G) Crazy women, ex-wives and old girlfriends
Keep their (C) crazy hidden till they're (G) pushed off the deep end
Oh yea, (D) God forgive them,(C) they weren't born like this
Oh no, (G) crazy women are (D) made by crazy men (G)

He told his friends she was depressed
Borderline bi-polar, b**ch with PMS
Well he cheats and (C) lies and then plays the victim
He don't know why they always seem to pick him


Some take a (D) pistol, some take an ax
Boy if you feel the fire, you better bet she's got a match
Might be the (G) teacher just down the street
The hairdresser or the housewife or the waitress that's so sweet
No you won't (C) see it when you meet 'em
So be careful how you treat 'em
She might look just like me

(G) Crazy women, ex-wives and old girlfriends
Keep their (C) crazy hidden till we're (G) pushed off the deep end
Oh yea, (D) God forgive us, even though (C) some were born like this
God knows, (G) crazy women are (D) made by crazy crazy crazy 
(G) Crazy women are (D) made by crazy men (G)

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