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Nothing New Under the Moon chords - LeAnn Rimes

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                Capo: 1st Fret       Intro: D-G-A-D, D-G-A-D,D-G-A-Bm,D-G-A-D

D                    G  A                         D
No where to go, all night to get there,
D            G           A             D
Another nice try, it's still wrong,
D                G    A                 Bm
Late night TV, on my horizon,
D             G                          A                        D
National Anthem, but I'm barely hangin' on,
G                      D
Just a typical Saturday night,
Em                                          A-A-A  B-B-B
Feelin' like the rest of my life,

                   E           A       B              C#m
There was nothin' new, under the moon,
E               A          B              E
Same old dance, same old tune,
        E                 A               B                  C#m
Just wishes on stars, that never came true,
             A                E                  B
There's one more night to get through,
                  C#m              A               B               E
There was nothin' new under the moon, till you

Hey what a change, hey what a concept,
Is it true, I, wanted mine,
New splash, who'd ever thought,
You could ever have the same feeling,
At the very same time,
Look at what your love's doin' to me,
I can't believe I used to believe,

C#m              A               B               E
Nothin' new under the moon, till you

(Nothin' new under the moon)
There was nothin' new under the moon, till you,
(Nothin' new under the moon, there was nothin' new under the moon, till you)
Nothin' new, till you
(Nothin' new under the moon, there was nothin' new under the moon, till you)
There was nothin' new under the moon, till you,
(Nothin' new)
Oooo, Oooo, Oooo, Oooo 

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