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Blame It On The Tetons chords - Josh Ritter

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Josh Ritter Sheet music
Blame It On The Tetons
Lyrics by Isaac Brock, music by Modest Mouse
as played by Josh Ritter

some noodlings over the basic chords

intro: 1x G - D - C

Blame it on the Tetons.
 D                       C     
Yeah, I need a scapegoat now.
No my dog won't bite you,
Though it had the right to.                    
You oughta give her credit
Cuz she knows I would've let it happen.

D - C

Blame it on the weekends.
D                 C
God I need a cola now.
Oh we mumble loudly,
Wear our blame so proudly.
Wear our blank expressions,
Trying to look interesting.
Blame it all on me cuz
D                      C               
God I need a cold one now.

All them eager actors
Gladly taking credit 
for the lines created
By the people tucked away from 

sight / Is it a window 
from the room we're bound to.
If you need a way out,
Would you please just let me know how?
Blame it on the web but
D                          C 
the spider is your problem now.
Language is the liquid
That we're all dissolved in.
Great for solving problems
After it creates a problem.
Blame it on the Tetons,
D                      C
God I need a scapegoat now.
humming over 2 verses of G - D - C

G                     C
Everyone's a building burning
 Am                         C 
With no one to put the fire out.
G                        C                                   
Standing at the window looking out,
 Am                         C                                  
Waiting for time to burn us down.
G                    C                                   
Everyone's an ocean drowning
 Am                        C                                  
With no one really to show how.
G                       C                                   
They might get a little better air
 Am                              C                                  
If they turned themselves into a cloud.
G - D - C x3

end on C


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