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Men And Mascara chords - Julie Roberts

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                Intro: C F C F

C            F                      C      F   
Sunday dress hanging on the bedroom door
C               F                    G 
Empty bottle of wine on the hardwood floor
C          F                   Am
Last night he said she was the one
       F              G       C  
Oh but men and mascara always run

Did I give my love too soon or wait too long
Did I take it a little too easy or put it on too strong
She was looking for love, he was looking for fun
Yeah, men and mascara always run

Instr. C F C G

Am                F               C                          G 
She ain't getting any younger, it wasn't s'pposed to be this way
Am             F                        Am                      G 
Staring in the mirror with little black rivers running down her face

Tomorrow's gonna be a brand new day
She'll wake up in the morning and wash it all away
Last night he said she was the one
Oh, but men and mascara always run
Yeah, men and mascara always run

Julie Roberts ChordsJulie Roberts Lyrics

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Roberts Julie
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