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Rain On A Tin Roof chords - Julie Roberts

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                Intro: G  Bm  D  Dsus2  G  Bm  A  Asus2  G

Verse 1

      Bm                  D           Dsus2      
  His eyes are blue, just like the ocean 
G     Bm               D   Dsus2       
  His heart is a river free 
G         Bm               D   Dsus2      
  Now and then he gets the notion 
G        Bm               A   Asus2     
  And he finds his way to me 


                G Bm      D
His love's like rain on a tin roof
G                 Bm         A 
Sweet song of the summertime storm 
           G Bm        D
And oh the way that it moves you 
       G         Bm             A
It's a melody of passion raging on 

              G    Bm  D  Dsus2  G  Bm  A  Asus2  G
And then it's gone 

Verse 2:

           Bm                  D   Dsus2  
  He tells me he'll be back to see me 
G      Bm             D   Dsus2   G
  Everytime he has to go 
G            Bm                  D       Dsus2 
  And I keep wondering just when that'll be 
G            Bm            A    Asus2
 'Cause with him you never know 


Instrumental:  G  Bm  D  Dsus2  G  Bm  A  Asus2


G                   A  
Just like a thirsty field, 
I can't complain or b**ch 
           G                  A                 G
'Cause I'm thankful for every single drop I can get 


[Thanks to NashvilleChick for tabs]

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