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Honeycomb chords - Jimmy Rodgers

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Jimmy Rodgers Sheet music
1.      Well, it’s a [C] darn good life and it’s [C7] kinda funny,
How the [F] Lord made the bee and the bee made the honey,
And the [G] honeybee was lookin’ for home – [C] (break)
And they called it honeycomb, ‘n ‘ey
[C] Roamed the world and they gathered all of the
[F] Honeycomb into one sweet ball, and the
[G] Honeycomb from a million trips made my [C] baby’s lips, oh

[F] Honeycomb, a-won’t you be my baby?  Well, [C] honeycomb be my own?
Got a [G7] hank of hair and a piece of bone,
And made a [C] (break) walkin’, talkin’ honeycomb, well
[F] Honeycomb, won’t you be my baby?  Well [C] a-honeycomb be my own?
What a [G7] darn good life when you got a wife like a- [C] honeycomb.
[Db] Honeycomb,

2.      And the [Db] Lord said now that I made a bee,
I’m gonna [Gb] look all around for a green, green tree,
And He [Ab] made a bee and I guess you heard, – [Db] (break
What then, well He made a little bird, and they
[Db] Waited all around until the end of Spring,
[Gb] Gettin’ every note that the birdies sing, and He
[Ab] Put ‘em all in-a one sweet tone, for my [Db] honeycomb, oh

3.      And the [D] Lord said now that I [D7] made a bird,
I’m gonna [G] look all around for a little old word,
That [A] sounds about sweet, like turtle dove, – [D] (break)
And, I guess I’m gonna [A] call it “love”, and He
[D] Roamed the world a-lookin’ everywhere,
[G] A-gettin’ love from here, love from there, and He
[A] Put it all a little old part of my [D] baby’s heart, oh

[Thanks to Paul Sanders for tabs]

Jimmy Rodgers ChordsJimmy Rodgers Lyrics

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