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Jimmie The Kid chords - Jimmy Rodgers

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Jimmy Rodgers Sheet music

Recorded by Jimmie Rodgers
Words and music by Jimmie Rodgers and Bob Neville

I'll [G] tell you a story of JIMMIE THE KID
He's a [C] brakeman you all [G] know
He was [C] born in Mississippi, a-[G] way down [Em] south
And he [A7] flagged on the [D7] T. and N. [G] O. 

He yodeled to fame on the Boston Main
The Wabash and the T. P.
>From the old Grand Trunk to the cotton belt
He yodeled on the Santa Fe.


On the Lehigh Valley, he yodeled awhile
Then he went to the Nickel Plate
>From the old Lake Shore and the Erie Line
He yodeled to a Cadillac Eight.


He yodeled his way to the C. & A.
The Lackawanna and I. C.
He rode a rattler called the Cannon Ball
Then he yodeled on the M. K. & T.


Now the story goes that JIMMIE THE KID
Has a yodeling mama so sweet
They go "Cadillac-ing" every night
And they yodel up and down the street.


He rode freight trains from East to West
He's fixed himself up nice
He's got a beautiful home, all of his own
It's the yodeler's paradise.


They've treated him good, they've treated him bad
He never done any wrong
He yodels a yodel that ever'body knows
Is the yodeling brakeman's song.


SOURCE: The Legendary Jimmie Rodgers; Vol. 1

Jimmy Rodgers ChordsJimmy Rodgers Lyrics

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