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Peach Picking Time In Ga chords - Jimmy Rodgers

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Jimmy Rodgers Sheet music

                                  PEACH PICKING TIME DOWN IN GEORGIA

By Jimmie Rodgers
written by Jimmie Rodgers and Clayton McMichen
release date 1933
Transcribed by Shawn Wells

chords are postionally correct over each word and after the words where
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + + + + + + +++ + + ++ +

               C                                   C7
When its peach pickin time in Georgia
F                            C
Apple pickin time in Tennesee
G7                                      C
Cotton pickin time in Mississippi
D7                               G7  G
Everybody picks on me
G7           C
When its roundup time in Texas
C7   F            Dm6              E7
The Cowboys make Whoopee
              F                C         A7
And way down in old Alabamy
     Dm          G7       C
Its gal pickin time to me

                  C                                 C7
There's the bluegrass in old Kentucky
F                                        C
Virginia's where they do the swing
G7                                C
Carolina now I'm coming to you
D7                                  G7     G
Coming just to spend the spring
G7     C
Arkansas I hear you calling
C7 F       Dm6       E7
I know I'll see you soon
             F               C                   A7
There is where we'll do some pickin
      Dm               G7     C
Beneath that ole Ozark moon

                C                                C7
When the pickininees pick the cotton
F                                                 C
Thats the time I'll pick the wedding ring
         G7                                C
We'll go to town a pick a little gown
D7                              G7     G
For the wedding in the Spring
G7           C
Hope the preacher knows his business
C7 F        Dm6        E7
I know he can't fool me
               F                 C                    A7
When its peach pickin time in Georgia
     Dm          G7        C
Its gal pickin time for me

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