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Back With Me chords - Sara Storer

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                CAPO 2

A E A  D A,  A E A D E A

I'm drivin home it's taking me hours
And the whole time, I'm thinkin of you
Listenin' to songs of Shania Twain
Sometimes often makes me cry and I'm through
  D                                 A
I can't believe what is happening to me after all 
That we've been through
                                       A   E A
And this time it's just between me and you

And I know I'm being a little unfair..But I don't care, 
           A    E    A
I want you back with me
  D                       A
I know I'm being a little crazy
           A    E    A
I want you back with me
  D                       A
I know I'm being a little hasty
           A   A/Ab F#m
I want you back today
    D          E            A
And if you say yes, I'll stay
E                D       E       A
If you say no, I promise I'll go away


No one to call me crazy 
No one to say I'm disappointed so
Or telling me you've got to free your mind 
And baby you've just got to let him go
So when I met up with you again
I just couldn't be your friend
And this time I had to let you know




E                D       E       A
If you say no, I promise I'll go away


A E A  D A,  A E A D E A 

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