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Crazy As It Seems chords - Sara Storer

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                Sara Storer  Crazy as it Seems
Capo III

G                       Am
Im just like a big old storm
Sometimes I come and go
C                     G
Some times I stay and pour
G                                C
Dont want to wish you all those tears
Because I think that youre worth bottling
Am                    G
And all the love you give

C                         G
And what a turnout people see
D               C              G
Thats what you get for lovn me

G                             Am
Oh Ive thrown flowers on the floor
And Ive poured your cuppa down the sink
C                        G
Ive shouted louder than before
G                                     C
And Ive cursed you to hell and back again
Then Ive cooked your favourite dinner
Am                             G
Youd arrive with roses in ya hand

C                          G
And what a turnout people see
D               C              G
Thats what you get for lovn me
C                   G
Oh as crazy as it seems
D               C              G
Thats what you get for lov'n me

G                               Am
Im sorry sometimes when I just lose it
Sometimes things just get me down
C                           G
When I cant make sense of anything
G                                    C
Then just before the flowers hit the ground
A dose of Days and Doctor Phil
Am                   G
And I realise were fine


C                               G
Ill have a wine while you cook tea
D               C              G
Thats what ya get when lovn me
C                          G
Im always right so just agree
D               C               G
Thats what you get for loving me!
D                   G
Oh as crazy as it seems

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