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Dying Ember chords by Sarah Jarosz

Sarah Jarosz Chords

C Em Bm
C Em Bm
[Verse 1]
Maybe I'm in my head
                                Em Bm
But everything we said was wrong
Maybe I should have known
                                        Em Bm
We could have made this right all along
Why are we still holding back
D                               Em
After everything that led us here?
I don't want to watch it disappear
C                               G
'Cause we're holding back the reins
C                               G
And we're screeching on the tires
C                       G       D               C
But the dying ember's flame could light the fire
                Am Em                   Am Em Bm
Could light the fire, could light the fire
Am Em
Bm C
[Verse 2]
Remember when we first met?
                                Em Bm
I knew you had a heart of gold
The way you let me in
                                Em Bm
Was something I had never known
C                       D
When I turn around, I see the life we've made
I know we've come so far
I don't want to watch it fall apart
C                               G
'Cause we're holding back the reins
C                               G
And we're screeching on the tires
C                       G       D               C
But the dying ember's flame could light the fire
                Am Em                   Am Em Bm
Could light the fire, could light the fire
Am Em
Bm C
Am Em Bm
Am Em Bm
Am Em D
C Em Bm
C Em Bm
C Em Bm
C Em Bm

"Dying Ember" is a heartfelt song that showcases Sarah Jarosz's ability
to craft deeply emotive music through the use of simple, yet powerful chord
progressions. This song is ideal for guitarists looking to explore the emotional
depth that can be achieved with acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Introduction & Verse Progressions

The song starts with an intro that sets an introspective mood, using a progression
of C, Em, and Bm chords. This progression is pivotal in establishing the song's
melancholic atmosphere.

In the verses, you continue with the C chord to introduce each segment,
creating a sense of continuity and reflection. The transition to Em and Bm
adds a layer of complexity and depth, underscoring the song's theme of
regret and longing for what could have been.

When playing these parts, it's important to let each chord resonate, allowing
the harmonies to fill the space and create an emotional backdrop for the lyrics.
The gentle transition between chords emphasizes the introspective nature of the song.

Chorus Dynamics

The chorus of "Dying Ember" brings a slight shift in energy with the introduction
of the G chord, creating a contrast to the verses. This contrast is symbolic of
the flickering hope amidst despair, reflected in the lyrics.

The progression from C to G, and then the inclusion of D before returning to C,
serves to lift the song momentarily before returning to its reflective state.
This is where the metaphor of the "dying ember's flame" comes to life musically,
suggesting that there's still potential for rekindling.

In the chorus, your strumming can become a bit more pronounced, mirroring
the song's emotional crescendo. However, maintaining control over the dynamics
is key to preserving the song's delicate balance between hope and sorrow.

Outro and Emotional Expression

The outro revisits the song's primary motifs, alternating between Am, Em, Bm,
and C, slowly winding down to a reflective close. This repetition and the gentle
fade of the chords mirror the song's lingering message of unresolved emotions
and the faint hope that remains.

When approaching the outro, allow the chords to fade naturally, reflecting the
song's theme of a flickering flame that refuses to go out. The repetition is not
just a musical decision but an emotional one, emphasizing the persistence of
hope in the face of adversity.

Playing Tips

- Pay close attention to the emotional weight of the lyrics and match your
playing style to the song's mood. The dynamics of your strumming and the
emphasis on certain chords can greatly enhance the listener's emotional experience.
- Use the transitions between chords to add emotional depth. The movement
from major to minor chords, especially in the verses and chorus, is key to
conveying the song's emotional nuances.
- Experiment with fingerpicking patterns in the intro and outro to add texture
and depth to your rendition of the song.            

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