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Mezcal And Lime chords by Sarah Jarosz

Sarah Jarosz Chords

Bm C  Bm Am Am
[Verse 1]
Gonna call you up when the sun goes down
When the rain moves out of this seaside town
     Am                         D
I’ve got so many things I wanna show you
[Verse 2]
The radio plays somethin’ soft and low
By the orange trees in the evening glow
Am                              D
Come and sit with me under my umbrella
C         Am                 D
Ooh, with you, soakin in the sun
    Am                    D
You go to my head, like a summer night
      Am                D
You intoxicate me, like mezcal and lime
Mezcal and lime
Am  D   Am  D
[Verse 3]
When the sun goes down ‘round nine or ten
Gonna wake you up, my sleepy head
       Am                             D
‘Cause you and me, we’ve had a long siesta
[Verse 4]
You can wear that tie with the silken thread
Put a flower in my heir, I’ll be dressed in red
    Am                            D
And we’ll go down to the barrio together
[Alt Chorus]
C         Am7                 D
Ooh, with you, soakin’ in the sun
C         Am7                D
Ooh, with you, lovers on the run
    Am                    D
You go to my head, like a summer night
    Am                  D
You intoxicate me, like mezcal and lime
    Am                    D
You go to my head, like a summer night
      Am                           D
You intoxicate me, like mezcal and lime
Am7 D  Am7 D  Am7 D  Am7 D  Am D  Am D  Am D  Am  D   Bm  C  Bm  C

"Mezcal and Lime" captures the essence of a sultry summer evening with its
evocative lyrics and warm chord progression. This song is characterized by its
Latin-inspired rhythm and the romantic imagery it conjures, making it a delightful
piece for guitarists who appreciate music that paints a vivid picture.

Introduction & Verse Chord Progressions
The song opens with an intriguing intro, transitioning from Bm to C, then moving
to Bm and Am, setting a relaxed, yet anticipatory mood. This progression invites
the listener into the song's intimate setting right from the start.

For the verses, the chord progression simplifies to a cycle of Am and D, providing
a stable foundation for the storytelling lyrics. The progression is easy to follow,
allowing you to focus on the rhythm and delivery of the narrative. The simplicity
of the chords contrasts beautifully with the complexity of the emotions
being conveyed, highlighting the song's theme of summer romance.

Chorus Harmony and Dynamics
The chorus introduces a shift with the addition of a C chord, creating a brighter
sound that reflects the lyrical themes of sunlight and intoxication. The return to
the Am and D chords continues to anchor the song, while the lyrics "You go to
my head, like a summer night / You intoxicate me, like mezcal and lime" weave
a tapestry of sensory experiences.

In this section, pay attention to the dynamic range of your playing. The chorus
should feel like a burst of sunlight after the more subdued verses, mirroring the
intensity of a summer romance. Experiment with the intensity of your strumming
to match the emotional peaks of the chorus.

Alternate Chorus and Outro
The song features an alternate chorus that builds on the thematic material of the first,
introducing variations in the lyrics while maintaining the established chord progression.
This repetition with variation is a common songwriting technique that reinforces
the song's main themes while keeping the listener engaged.

The outro revisits the introductory chord progression, providing a sense of closure
to the song. This return to the intro serves as a reflective moment, allowing the
listener to savor the last echoes of the melody and the imagery it evokes.

Playing Tips
- Embrace the rhythmic aspects of the song to convey the Latin-inspired vibe. Paying
attention to the groove will help you capture the essence of a sultry summer evening.
- Use the dynamic contrasts between the verses and chorus to highlight the song's
emotional journey. Soften your playing in the verses to draw the listener in,
then brighten and intensify your strumming in the chorus to mirror the lyrical imagery.
- The transitions between chords, especially in the intro and outro, offer an opportunity
to add expressive flourishes to your playing. Experiment with different fingerpicking
patterns or subtle strumming variations to add texture.
- The emotional resonance of the song is key. Let the lyrics guide your expression,
allowing the imagery of mezcal and lime, summer nights, and seaside towns to
influence the mood and atmosphere of your performance.

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