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From The Inside Out chords - Melinda Schneider

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Melinda Schneider  From The Inside Out  

INTRO: G D C D C  X 2 
G                  Em    
First time he laid eyes on her  
   C                G   
He kissed his heart goodbye  
G                     Em     
He nearly drove right off the road 
     C               D 
When all she did was smile  
             C                     D 
But when she burned up their first dinner 
        G             C 
And lay crying on the couch  
           G      Bm      Em      D 
That's the moment that he fell in love 
C        D       G      D  C  D  C    D 
From the inside out  
G                    Em  
She loved the way he always brought 
C              G   
Flowers to her door 
G                   Em  
And took her to new places that 
C                D 
She'd never been before 
            C                   D 
But when he lost his job and he lost his pride 
        G                     C 
And his heart was filled with doubt 
                G        Bm       Em         D 
That's when she knew how much she loved that man 
C        D       G    
From the inside out  
         C    D G       Em     
From the inside love is stronger 
         C    D  G       Em   
Than the outside looking in 
       C     D        G          Em     C 
As the tears flow you learn what love's about  
         D      G    D  C  D  C  D,   G  D  C  D  C   
From the inside out  
G                   Em  
She has watched her raven hair 
C              G   
Slowly turn to gray  
G                      Em  
And since the day that he retired 
C                   D 
He just gets in the way 
C                     D 
Now their not much to look at 
G                     C 
Two old faces in the crowd 
    G          Bm        Em      D 
But they could write the book of love 
C        D       G 
From the inside out   
         C    D G       Em     
From the inside love is stronger 
         C    D  G       Em   
Than the outside looking in 
       C     D      G          Em    C 
As the years go you learn what loves about 
         D      G   D  C  D  C      
From the inside out  
         D      G   D  C  D  C   
From the inside out  
         D      G 
From the inside out  

Melinda Schneider ChordsMelinda Schneider Lyrics

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Schneider Melinda
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