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Dirty Shirt chords - Ray Scott

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                INTRO: D  G-D  C  D-G  D G-A  D 

D                                      G
Ronnie wasn't much on the thought of a coat and tie
D                                            G
'Cause they ain't much good to a man wearin' steel toed boots from 8 to 5
C         G                       D     G-D
He's been known to pop a top on a brew
C                    G                        A                        
He came off a little rough sometimes, but the folks that know him knew

If you can look past a dirty shirt
See beyond greasy hands
       G                    C
You'll find a heart hard at work
And a damn good man


Army green seemed to suit him more than college life
That's what his old man did, and he turned out alright
It never got him that great big house, or a fancy car
But ya'll it ain't the neighborhood you're in, it's the neighbor that you are


G                     A
He's got scars and an angel on his arm
He got in Saigon in '65
G                A
To most folks he ain't nothin' more
         Em7                            A
Than the old boy on the corner changin' tires

But if you look past the dirty shirt
See beyond the greasy hands
You're gonna find a heart hard at work


D  G-D  C  D-G

Kinda like my dad

D  G-A  D  D-G-D

Ray Scott ChordsRay Scott Lyrics

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