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Poor Folks chords - Ray Scott

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                Poor Folks
Crazy Like Me

         A                       E                   A
We got a styrofoam cooler in the back of my old Ford truck
                                       E                          A
And we''''re reachin'''' over the side for a brew ''''cause the tailgate''''s stuck
         D                                         A     D
A couple lines in the water, hey I think you got a bite
A                 E                      A
I wonder what the poor folks are doin'''' tonight

Now we coulda drove this old truck on into town, caught the 9 o''''clock show
But I just as soon be sittin'''' here with you, listenin'''' to the radio
I got your name on my left arm and your body in my right
I wonder what the poor folks are doin'''' tonight

D                                        A
The ones out there who ain''''t got nothin'''' on us
They got everything else in this world, but it ain''''t enough
D                               A                     D
Wishin'''' they were the owners of a love like yours and mine
A                 E                      A
I wonder what the poor folks are doin'''' tonight


Well the truth is, you and me, we can''''t buy a whole lot of fancy nice things
Now we ain''''t on no first name basis with the folks down at the bank
BUt we know we''''ve got it all, when we turn out the lights
And I wonder what the poor folks are doin'''' tonight


A                 E                      A
I wonder what the poor folks are doin'''' tonight
Ah baby you know we got the life 

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