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Gone Either Way chords - Ray Scott

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                INTRO: D  Dsus2  D  Dsus2

D                                                         Dsus2
You could lay right here beside me if there ain't nothin wrong
D                                                Dsus2
Kill the light and say goodnight and turn the TV off
G                                                          D     Dsus2
Act as if I don't what it that you can't find the words to say
   C              G                  A     N/C                D
Ah baby you could leave or you could stay, you're gone either way

D                                                              Dsus2
We can share the bed and share the rent but this house ain't a home
D                                           Dsus2
If I'm gonna be lonely I'd just as soon be alone
G                                                          D     Dsus2
How can you say you love me, you can't even look me in the face
           C           G               A       N/C               D
Stay right here or disappear without a trace, you're gone either way

I don't need to hurt from hangin on
To someone who's got one foot out the door
G                                                                  A
And I can't waste another minute of my love if you don't love me anymore
No, no no


No I don't need to hurt from hangin' on
To someone who's got one foot out the door, no no
    G                                                               A
And I can't waste another minute of my love if you don't love me anymore

  G          D                                               
I don't know why you sit here with me, we both know the truth
You just worried 'bout what leavin' me'd make people think of you
G                                                                      D   
It don't matter what your mama or your daddy or your preacher's got to say
               C                G             A
Girl you could hit that door or waste another day
      C        G                 A                      G      D
What kind of difference would it make yeah, you're gone either way


            A    G      D
Girl you're gone either way


So just get on


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