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Acadian Driftwood chords - Richard Shindell

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                Intro: (C)(F)(Dm)(F) . . . (C)(F)(Dm)(F)

(C)The war was over and the (G)spirit was broken
(Am)The hills were smokin' as the (F)men withdrew
(C)We stood on the cliffs
Oh, (G)and watched the ships
(Dm)Slowly sinking to their (F)rendezvous
(C)They signed a treaty and our (G)homes were taken
(Am)Loved ones forsaken
They didn't (F)give a damn
(C)Try to raise a family
(G)End up the enemy
(Dm)Over what went down on the plains of (F)Abraham 

(C)Acadian (F)driftwood
(Dm)Gypsy (G)tail wind
(C)They call my (F)home (Dm)the land of (F)snow
(C)Canadian (F)cold front (Dm)movin' (G)in
Oh, (Am)what a (Am/G)way to (F)ride
Oh, what a (F-F)way to (C)go

(C)Then some returned to the (G)motherland
(Am)The high command had them (F)cast away
(C)Some stayed on to finish (G)what they started
(Dm)They never parted
They're just (F)built that way
(C)We had kin livin' (G)south of the border
(Am)They're a little older and they've (F)been around
(C)They wrote a letter, life here (G)is a whole lot better
(Dm)So pull up your stakes, children and (F)come on down


(C)Fifteen under zero when the (G)day became a threat
(Am)My clothes were wet and I was (F)drenched to the bone
(C)Been out ice fishing, (G)too much repetition
(Dm)Make a man wanna leave the only (F)home he's known
(C)Sailing out of the gulf headin' for (G)Saint Pierre
(Am)Nothin' to declare
All we (F)had was gone
(C)Broke down along the coast
(G)But what hurt the most
(Dm)When the people there said
"You better keep (F)movin' on"

(C)Everlasting summer filled with (G)ill-content
(Am)This government had us (F)walkin' in chains
(C)This isn't my turf
(G)This ain't my season
(Dm)Can't think of one good reason (F)to remain
(C)I've worked in the sugar fields up from (G)New Orleans
(Am)It was evergreen up un(F)til the floods
(C)You could call it an omen
(G)Points you where you're goin'
(Dm)Set my compass north
I got (F)winter in my blood


(C)Sais tu, Aca(F)dia, (Dm)j'ai le (F)mal du pays
(C)Ta neige, Aca(F)dia, (Dm)fait des (F)larmes au soleil
(C)J'arrive, Aca(F)dia, (Dm)j'ai le (F)mal du pays
(C)Ta neige, Aca(F)dia, (Dm)fait des (F)larmes au soleil

(C)(F)(Dm)(F) . . . (C)(F)(Dm)(F)

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