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Storms Are on the Ocean chords - Richard Shindell

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                Capo 5

Intro: (G)(C)(G) . . . (G)(D)(G)

I'm (G)going a(C)way to (G)leave you, love
I'm going a(D)way for a (G)while 
But I'll re(C)turn to (G)you sometime
If I go ten (D)thousand (G)miles

The (C)storms are on the (G)ocean
And the (C)heavens may (D)cease to (G)be
This (C)world may lose its (G)motion, (Em)love
If (G)I prove (D)false to (G)thee

Oh (G)who will (C)dress your (G)pretty little feet
And who will (D)glove your (G)hands 
And who will (C)kiss your (G)rosy cheek
When I'm in a (D)faraway (G)land


Oh (G)Poppa will (C)dress my (G)pretty little feet
And Momma will (D)glove my (G)hand (C) 
And (G)you will (C)kiss my (G)rosy cheek
When you re(D)turn a(G)gain


Oh (G)have you (C)seen those (G)mournful doves
Flying from (D)pine to (G)pine (C) 
(G)Mourning (C)for their (G)own true love 
Just like I (D)mourn for (G)mine

The (C)storms are on the (G)ocean
And the (C)heavens may (D)cease to (G)be
This (C)world may lose its (G)motion, (Em)love
If (G)I prove (D)false to (Em)thee (C) 
If (G)I prove (D)false to (G)thee (C)(G)

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