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Lawrence, KS chords - Richard Shindell

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                Capo 8


(G)Dirt roads and dryland farming might be the death of me
But I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind
My (G)debts are not like prisons where there's hope of getting free
And I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind

(D)I've been from here to Lawrence, (C)Kansas
(D)Trying to leave my state of (C)mind
(D)Trying to leave this awful (C)sadness
But I can't leave this world be(G)hind

South of (G)Delia there's a patch out back by the willow trees
And I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind
It's a (G)fenced-in piece of nothin' where I hear voices on my knees
And I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind

(D)Some prophecies are self-ful(C)filling
(D)I've had to work for all of (C)mine
(D)Better times will come to me, God-(C)willing
Cause I can't leave this world be(G)hind

This (G)world must be frightening, everybody's on the run
And I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind
My (G)house is a wooden one and it's built on a wooden one
Seems I (C)can't leave this world be(G)hind

(D)Preacher says that when the master (C)calls us
(D)He's gonna give us wings to (C)fly
(D)My wings are made of hay and (C)corn husks
So I can't leave this world be(G)hind

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