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Do You Ever Fool Around chords - Joe Stampley

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Do You Ever Fool Around Sheet music
Do You Ever Fool Around
By Joe Stampley
rmofle at

C                   Dm
If the time and the place was right
G                      C
Would you meet me some time late at night
                      F         Dm
And make love like we both need to
G                 C 
Is this something we could do

It takes a lotta nerve to take a chance
It would be worth it for the sweetest romance
Hope we can get together come time
Now here's the question that's on my mind

            Bb    F 
Do you ever fool around
G                         C  
Could you lay your wings aside
                   F         Dm
Does an angel ever touch the ground
G           F     C
Do you ever fool around

Up  Step to C#                   

I know this would be a first time thing
To make love outside your ring
You're not free and you have your doubts
But with this feeling we'll work it out

'Cause there's a need deep inside that's yours
You won't say yes but you won't say no
And no matter how hard you try
You can't hide the want that's in your eyes



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