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Whiskey Chasin' chords

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            Whiskey Chasin'
Recorded by Joe Stampley

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  | (Am)  | (D)  | (G)  | (G)

Looks like this (Am)bad rainy weather (D) kept every one else (G)in
I'd (G7)hoped someone would come along and fill the space in me where your love's (C) been
I'm (Am)sittin' in a bar in the (D)middle of the day
Just (Am)whiskey chasin' (D)all my troubles a-(G)way

Another (Am)shot of southern comfort, (D) some water on the (G)side
It's (G7)crazy when a man allows himself to be so taken for a (C)ride
But (Am)love is so strong it does what (D)it wants to
I'm (Am)whiskey chasin' (D)memories of me and (G)you

A (Am)music in the background (D)sounds like it's pouring out of my (G)heart
Seems like (D)everytime the (Eb)saddest song has (E)played
The (D)sadder one will (A)start (D)

I (Am)wonder what's happenin' (D) in the bar across the (G)street
There's (G7)got to be a place in town where broken hearted people go and (C)meet
Hey (Am)friend another round when you're (D)down at this end
I'm (Am)whiskey chasin' the (D)world away a-(G)gain (Tag) I need some (Am)more southern comfort when you're (D)down at this end I'm (Am)whiskey chasin' my (D)troubles away a-(G)gain I'm (Am)whiskey chasin' my (D)troubles away a-(G)gain | (G) | (G) -----

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