Red Wine And Blue Memories chords - Joe Stampley

Joe Stampley Lyrics

            Red Wine And Blue Memeories
By Joe Stampley
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Capo 1

When I looked up she was standing there
With pretty long black shiny hair
C                   A7                         D     G
And I heard hey say "Do you need a little company?"
But in that old bar the light were dim
And she didn't notice them
C                G                       C    G
two old faithful friends right here with me

         C        F    
I've got red wine and blue memories
C A7 D And a heartache that won't set me free C I've got lots of time for drinking F Lots more time for thinking C G C I've got red wine and blue memories C# Then she turned and walked away F# Shook her head as if to say C# A#7 D# G# Man, you missed a real good time with me C# Aw, but I just pour another glass F# And toasted someone from the past C# G# C# Some old but not forgotten memory Chorus in C# key