Margo's Got The Cargo chords - Stompin Tom Connors

(C)Have you heard the news in Newfoundland, (F)rolling around the (C)rock
How Reggie brought for Margie home a (G)cowsie dungsie clock
With (C)Margie being a farm girl, she (F)almost took a (C)fit
To (F)find the cowsie (C)dungsie clock was (G)really made of (C)it
Now, the clock was from Toronto and her (F)mind was soon made (C)up
She said to Reggie "get the cow and (G)load her on the truck"
We're (C)heading for Ontario and we're (F)off to make her (C)big
Cause (F)Margo's got the (C)cargo, bye, and (G)Reggie's got the (C)rig

(C)Reggie's got the rig, (F)Reggie's got the rig
Margo's got the (C)cargo, bye, and (G)Reggie's got the (C)rig

Now they're rolling thru the Maritimes and the truck was nearly full
The cow began to bawl, she was lonesome for her bull
The Mountie pulled them over "Is there something I can do?"
"Go right ahead sir" margie said, "climb in the back and moo!"
And when the got to Montreal they missed the Autoroute
But they found that everyone in town was glad to help them out
"The sooner you hit Toronto", they said, "the sonner you'll make it big"
Cause Margo's got the cargo, bye, and Reggie's got the rig

Well, I wish you could've been there at the corner of Queen and Yonge
When Margo found the company and she dumped her load of dung And when she found the office, she was singin' and doin' a jig 'Cause Margo's got the Cargo, bye, and Reggie's got the rig It was later in the evening when they heard from Mr. Judge "I don't know what to give yous, but I'll never hold a grudge I think a thousand dollars would be fair to hand you down And thirty days of lodging will be free upon the town!" Well Margo said to Reggie "what a helluva deal we struck" We might have lost the cow, bye, but still we've got the truck And now they're back in Newfoundland, they're loading up the pig Margo's got the cargo, bye, and Reggie's got the rig Chorus (repeat 2x)