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The Man In The Moon Is A Newfie chords - Stompin Tom Connors

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The Man In The Moon Is A Newfie Sheet music

(D)You might think it's (G)goofy
But the (A7)man in the moon is a (D)Newfie
And he's sailing on to (G)glory, a(A7)way in the golden (D)dory
He's sailing on to (G)glory, a(A7)way in the golden (D)dory

Codfish Dan, from Newfoundland
He (A)dreamt that he had three (D)wishes
And he took Mars and all the stars
And (A)turned them into big (D)fishes
He said the sky was much too dry
And he (A)made a wavy (D)motion
And the moon like a boat began to float
Up(A)on the starry (D)ocean

One night he strayed to the Milky Way
To (A)cast his nets up(D)on it
He spied the tail of a great big whale
And he (A)harpooned Halley's (D)Comet
He never had a pot for the fish that he caught
So he (A)had to use the Big (D)Dipper
And the sun, by jove, was a very good stove
For (A)cooking up smelts and (D)kippers

Now, the Northern Light that seem so bright
Like (A)nothing could be (D)grander
Well, they're just waves of the moon-boat made
By the (A)Newfoundland com(D)mander
And don't you sigh and say, "Oh, my
What (A)gross exagger(D)ation!"
'Cause he'll tell you the dream was true
When (A)Codfish Dan a(D)wakens.


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