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Martin Hartwell Story chords

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F          C      
Lost up in no-man's land
       G7             C     
In the Northwest Terri-tories
          F          C      
They were lost up in no-man's land
    G7              C      
The Marten Hartwell story
    G7              C       
The Marten Hartwell story
On November the 8th of '72
G7                  C   
North of the Arctic Circle
A plane took off from Cambridge Bay
        G7               C        
And the pilot's name was Hartwell
   F                 C      
He had to make it to Yellowknife
  G7                    C       
Al-though the night was stormin'
   F                    C                        
To save the lives of an Eskimo boy
G7 C And a pregnant Eskimo woman. C "Oh, Mr. Hartwell," said the nurse G7 C "I pray that you will guide us C To save this woman with her child G7 C And the boy with appendi-citis." F C But the wind, it blew and the storm, it grew G7 C And the signal of Kan-twoita F C They missed by miles and flying wild G7 C They crashed beside Lake Hota. ***Chorus C Now Judy Hill, the federal nurse G7 C She never lived to waken C And the life of the mother and her child G7 C Were both soon after taken F C But the pilot woke to find himself G7 C And the Eskimo boy were livin' F C Left in pain be-side the plane G7 C To search the skies of heaven. C Day by day the pilot lay G7 C With both his ankles broken C And it took the lad everything he had G7 C To keep the fire stokin' F C While in the sky too far away G7 C The rescue team were seakin' F C A signal wave that might be traced G7 C The Hartwell's radio beacon **Chorus C After nineteen days the aerial search G7 C Was said to be com-pleted C Until someone cried, "They're still alive G7 C And the search must be re-peated." F C And the day the beep was finally heard G7 C Was the day we'll all re-member F C A man was found safe and sound G7 C On the 9th day of De-cember. C Hartwell said he should have died G7 C At 35 below zero C And the reason Hartwell did survive G7 C The boy had died a hero, F C "He brought me food when I couldn't move G7 C While he himself grew feeble F C Yes, Davy Koutouk died a saint G7 C And a credit to his people F C Davy Koutouk died a saint G7 C And a credit to his people." ***Chorus ***repeat last line of chorus slowly***

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