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America chords

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Em       C       A         D
All the way through, quick 4/4 time          

America America

Take a look in the mirror  What do you see
If I see you do you see me
Are we really so rich and free in America

Well the cars keep getting bigger the roads keep getting bigger the houses keep getting bigger and the schools keep getting
worse   America    America
The rich keep getting richer the poor keep getting poorer and everyone else is squeezed in between   What does it mean. 
America.  America

Well I don’t believe in rights, I believe I duty.  I don’t believe in truth I would rather follow beauty.  I don’t believe
in rights I believe in duty.   And I know, what is beautiful America.  From sea.  To shining sea

Well take a look in the mirror what do you see
If I see you do you see me
We can be so rich and free in America

What does it mean when the average person you meet on the street knows who won American idol last night or the score of the
football game, but they don’t know they don’t know the name of their senator, their congressman, the president or secretary of state. Some of them can barely find their state on a map America What does that mean When was the last time you heard martin luther king say I have a dream, oh I have a dream, oh it makes me want to scream America And did you ever dream when you were young. Spending your days in the summer sun. Did you ever dream it would be so hard to have the house with the dog in the fenced in yard. Did you ever dream it would be this way, that you would sell your life just to make a little pay. Did you ever dream you would end up like that, with your great big car and your cardboard hat. America. America. Don’t let the American dream fall apart at the seams. America. [Thanks to Zebulon Swift for tabs]

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