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Hard Life chords

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            Hard Life

Fast 4/4  
F#m       A    F#m   A   F#m     A     B/B7    F#m    E
I was born in a sleepy little mountain town
There wasn’t nothing up there wasn’t nothing going down
Spent my days where the sun it never shine
Down in the ground in the deep coal mine
Spent my nights under a roof of tin
Get up the next day and I do it all again

It was a hard life but I felt fine
With my pick and my shovel down in that mine
It’s a hard life aint it grand
Even the rock of Gibraltar gonna get ground into sand

And it’s a hard life

Then I spent one night under the southern sky
And saw those stars in my eyes
I did not like what I had to see
I did not like the way they laughed at me

So I went in the next day to the company store
Tore up my note and I threw it on the floor
Turned around and I walked out the door Cause I ain’t gonna dig that coal anymore So I got myself a job on the factory line Where the hammer and the anvil keep the marching of time And every time that pit boss blow that whistle and yell Realize I found myself just another kinda hell So now I keep on moving from town to town And there ain’t nothing that can slow me down And if they find me they can collect their debts But those sons of b**ches havn’t found me yet And it’s a hard life It’s a hard life out on the road It’s a hard life but I feel fine Cause I aint never going back in that mine And it’s a hard life It’s a hard life [Thanks to Zebulon Swift for tabs]

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