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Things They Said chords

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            Things they said

C#                                A#m                   F#
Bob dylan said that the times they are a changin’
All I see is energy in space just rearrangin’
John Lennon said let it be
Doesn’t look like anyone was listening to John Lennon to me
Bob Dylan said that a hard rain is gonna fall
Doesn’t seem like that’s changed very much at all
John Lennon said a working class hero was something to be
We’re still all peasants as far as I can see
Slaves to religion and sex and t.v.

The kings and barons they open the gates real wide
Saying look at all of the things that we’ve got inside
But don’t look to close at that which we try to hide 
Don’t look behind the curtains at all of the lies we’ve lied 
Or beneath our diamond thrones the bones of those who died
And don’t rock the boat or try to turn the tide
If you can believe our false ideals and appeals to your foolish pride
Maybe you can join us if you just come along for the ride

Woody Guthrie had a note on his guitar
Said this machine kills fascists
But the fascists are still here and woody Guthrie’s dead
So I keep him alive in my head The things he said Always alive in my head And Jesus said that you will find the truth you seek And that someday the earth will be inherited by the meek And in the face of evil to turn the other cheek But maybe I’m just too weak So I speak And the Buddha said you got to let go of everything including yourself Its not about high degree or the books upon your shelf And to let go of desire for safety or greatness or wealth What is really important is your own spiritual health Well maybe I need a little help And I like to think that if Bob Dylan was dying alone in some grey place in Jersey Or if he died in his footsteps on a New York City street I would go and visit him on my own two rambling feet And I would sing this song for him without missing a word or beat And he would smile beneath his sheet Because he will never be dead If I keep we him alive in my head The things he said Always alive in my head What I’ve heard and read Always alive in my head Always alive in my head [Thanks to Zebulon Swift for tabs]

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