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Jessamyn's Reel chords - Chris Thile

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                #-----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
# This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
# song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Here's what I was able to tab out. It sounds pretty correct. So Have fun.

Title: Jessamyn's Reel
Artist: Chris Thile
Album: Deciever
Tabbed By: PJ White

Part A
E -------3-0------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A ---0-5------5--2------------------------9---5---9-10--5---7-9--2-------------2---0-----------*|
D -5---------------5-0---2---0---2/5--7h9-7---4---9-----4---7----5---------2-5--------5--4h5-5-*|
G ---------------------4------------------7---4---9-----4---7----5---0-2-5----------------------|

Part B
E -------10-7--7-10-7-5---------------------10-7--12/10-7---7-5----------------------------------------------
A ---5-9----------------10-7-5----------5-9---------------------10-7-5--------8-10-12--15-14-12-10-7-5-------
D -9---------------------------10-5-7-9--------------------------------9-7-10--------------------------9-7-5-
G -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

E ------------------------------------3-0-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A ---5-----7--9--5----0-5-3-2-0---0-5------5--2------------------------9---5---9-10--5---7-9--2-------------2---0-----------
D -2---2/4-5--7--4--04----------5---------------5-0---2---0---2/5--7h9-7---4---9-----4---7----5---------2-5--------5--4h5-5-
G --------------------------------------------------4------------------7---4---9-----4---7----5---0-2-5---------------------

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