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Running Out Of Reasons 2 chords - Rick Trevino

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Rick Trevino Sheet music
                Running out of reasons to run
By:  Rick Trevino, Melanie Dyer

Key of G
			  G		       C
Intro: Play twice:	|---------------------------------
There's a long stretch of blacktop underneath a cloudless sky
D	   Em				    C
There's my truck washed and gassed up, just itchin' for a ride
    D				  C
If this had been six months ago I know what I'd had done
	 G		    D		G
But girl I'm running out of reasons to run.

    D				 C
I'm running out of reasons, I've lost that restless feeling
D			 C
Slowly I'm believing I'm where I'm s'posed to be
	 G		 D	  Em		     C
When you hold me I feel lonely to chase that setting sun
    G		   D	     G
I'm running out of reasons to run.

(solo-same as intro, but only once)

There you stand smiling at me sunlight shining through your hair
D	     Em				C
There's than door standing open with no urge to go nowhere
    D					  C
I'm finding all I've searched for in this love that we've begun
	    G		    D		G
But girl I'm running out of reasons to run

Instrumental  C, G, C, D, C (then I think a steel guitar plays something
			this, except I play it on electric guitar:
		        C	D     C				      D
intro solo about four times, then fade  (G, C pattern)
							Jason A. Wendtland

Rick Trevino ChordsRick Trevino Lyrics

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