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Think About You Everyday chords - Dan Tyminski

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                Intro: D-D/F#-G | Em-D/F#-G | D-D/F#-G | Em-D/F#-G | A

        D                  A      Bm       A     G A 
I'm not trying to show you how, I love you but I do. 
Em          D/F#    G        A                Bm     A       G A 
I'm not the kind to stay for long, but you've got me wanting to. 
  G               A
I think about you everyday.

Repeated Intro: D-D/F#-G | Em-D/F#-G | D-D/F#-G | Em-D/F#-G | A

       D                         A  D
Was it really meant for us to meet,  
         Bm          G              A    G 
and if I saw you out walking on the street. 
         D/F#             Em    D 
Would we have to turn our heads away,  
    G            D/F#              A 
and just pretend we dont feel this way. 

D             D/F#            G           A 
Now I'm in my car and there's no one else here,  
    Bm              A              G               A 
I'm staring out the windshield and fighting back a tear. 
  Em                  D/F#           G               A 
I wish our lives were different, and we could have a chance 
        Bm             A           G     A 
There's nothing sadder than a lost romance. 

Repeated Intro:D-D/F#-G | Em-D/F#-G | D-D/F#-G | Em-D/F#-G

Solo: D | A | D | A | G | A | Em | D | G | A | Em | D/F#

  D                                                 A 
I listened to that song, at least a hundred times a day 
    D         A   G  A
The one about Carolina.
   Em              D          G                  A 
Suppose I stop the car, and I called you just to say, 
  Em       D/F# G A 
I miss you everyday. 

D        D/F#        G          A
Think of me when the nights are long,
        Bm    A   G  A
And I'm never far away. 
Em       D/F#         G       A
Some day soon I'll be at your door,
    Bm       A       G  A
And then I'm home to stay,
  G               A    D
I think about you everyday. 
(Intro to end)

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