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Tiny Broken Heart chords - Dan Tyminski

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Dan Tyminski Sheet music

A   D   A   E
A   D   A E A


       A                          D
He was just a little farm lad, so busy he'd play
         A                           E 
With his little playmate outside the gate.
   A                                 D
He stopped to watch a truck that was parking next door
       A           E        A
At the home of his tiny playmate.


E                              A
Then he saw his daddy watchin' too
                          D              E
As the men swiftly walked to the cottage door
   A                             D
He knew they were strangers that came from the town
A          E          A
Men he had never seen before.

Break1: Same as intro


     A                         D
They soon went to work when he heard his daddy say,
     A                        E
"Our neighbours are moving today"
A                        D 
"Oh No!" he cried, "Dear God don't let it be,
     A             E            A
They can't take my sweetheart away!"


E                         A
I know dad you don't understand
                     D                E
How a heart so young could conceive a plan
    A                       D
I'm only seven now but it's just like you say
A          E            A
Daddy someday I'll be a man.



    A                                D
The man who owns the farm where your playmates do live
   A                            E
He told me it'd have to be this way.
    A                                D
For when your time has come and your work is all done
       A            E        A
That's why they are moving today.


E                               A
Let us buy the farm so they can stay
                           D               E
And give them all the toys that your Santa gave
    A                              D
And give them all my pennies in my little piggy bank
A               E                 A
Pennies that my darlin' helped me save.

Dan Tyminski ChordsDan Tyminski Lyrics

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