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Recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker on the Gypsy Songman: A Life In Song album)

Intro - G  Em/G Am7/G  D7/G  2x

G              Em/G       Am7/G                D7/G
First ran into Stoney. . . it was in a bar downtown;

G                   Em/G        Am7/G        D7/G
It was Richmond, Virginia. . . was bumming around,

C          D        Em           D      C      Am7
Suitcase to suitcase. . . we started in talking,

G                     Em/G             Am7/G       D7/G          G    Em/G  Am7/G  D7/G
Finding out about the things we shared and all the miles we've been.

Well he had a gray pillowcase... full of books by Durrell,
He had this old concertina, all beat up .. played like hell,
Until you got him started.. singing those Gospel songs,
Well, we drank all night for nothing,. he told us stories till dawn.

Said, "Come on, get your bag, boy!. Come with me Sun's up.. Time to roll!
Know there ain't no better time than early in the morning.. To be out walking the road!
Gettin' hold of another day beginning..Instead of just rushing on by, We'll be like some Mr.Independence son... taking our own sweet time!" So we walked on out the highway.. under a clear blue sky, I'm listening to the tales he told,. drinking warm red wine. 'Bout a time he rolled sevens.. bout this girl he'd done wrong; 'Bout everything he could think of.. while we walked along. Yeah, ol' Stoney had a magic;. sure made him hard to forget. Like the night we flew down this Ohio highway.. in a Buick that nearly wrecked! With this crazy woman driving,.. drunked up and carrying on; She just wound a little tight and Stoney calmed her....singing the Gospel songs. Yea, we split the road up around Norwood,... just shook my hand. He said, "I'll see you some place, Cowboy,"... but you know he never has. As we were that free then,.. just walking down the road, Never really caring.. where that old highway goes.. Old highway goes and goes Yeah, I found out a few years later.. old Stoney was a bulls**tter no doubt about it. I guess it was just the way he told things that.. made you never want to doubt him. He kept you going.. when the road got rough, He brought you through the lean times.. just by making it up. Yeah you know when you're younger they call you a liar or a fibber You get older.. You do it and do it well they call you an artiste.. Yeah well Stoney was definitely an artiste.. This song's for old Harry Stonebeck.. C D G Wherever he is tonight EADGBe G 320003 Em/G 020003 Am7/G x02013 D7/G xx0213 C x32010 D xx0232 Em 022000 Am7 x02213

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