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Some Fools Never Learn chords - Steve Wariner

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Steve Wariner Sheet music

Some Fools Never Learn (J.S. Sherrill)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Performed By Steve Wariner

*= 2 Beats On That Chord, All Others 4 beats

[INTRO]   B  A  B  E

       E                    B
All My Friends Say I Should Leave You Alone
A*           B*           A*          B*        E
You've Got A Heart Like A Stone And A Wonderin' Eye
And I Know That They're Right
                   E            B
I Could Make Up My Mind  Not To See You Again
        A*              B*              A*
But You Move Through My Dreams Like The Wind
        B*      E
It's No Good To Pretend 
         B                         A*     B
It Won't Happen Again 'Cause It'll Happen Again

E    B           A*
Some Fools Never Learn
     A*       B*              A*        B
Play With The Fire And You're Gonna Get Burned
E         A*               B*       A      N.C.
It's Only Love When You're Loved In Return
A*   B*          E
Some Fools Never Learn
A*   B*          E
Some Fools Never Learn

           E             B 
And Baby I Try   But I'm Just Not That Strong
A*    B*       A*         B*         E
Yes I Knew All Along, But That's Not Enough
I Was Falling In Love
              E                   B
And You Don't Know It, But I Came Over Tonight
          A*         B*         A*        B*
There Was Somebody's Car Parked Outside
        E               B
Damn My Eyes, Damn This Heart Of Mine
            A*       B
I Drove Off Into The Night

[INSTRUMENTAL] E  B  A* B* A* B* E  B  A* B* A* B* E

E                B
Somewhere In The City Tonight 
          A*             B*          A*           B*      E
There's A Girl And She's Lonely Like Me She'll Be Easy To See
    B          A*               B*          E 
And Naturally, She'll Have That Look In Her Eyes
And She'll Be Feeling That Way
  A*     B*           A*
I See It All Plain As Day
    B*         E           B
No, I'll Never Be What She Wants Me To Be
        A*        B
Oh, But Lucky For Me


A*   B*          E
Some Fools Never Learn

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